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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Moving to WiX

NUnit has finally gotten rid of it’s Visual Studio Install projects in favor of WiX

VS projects support only a simple, single-feature install. What’s more, if you outgrow your install project, you can’t simply migrate it to another tool. You have to start over with the new tool. It would be cool if VS could use WiX syntax as it’s internal format, but I suspect that’s not likely to happen since it would tie future development of the two together in some ways that would probably discomfit both WiX and Visual Studio. But an open source converter from the vdproj format to WiX would definitely be a cool thing!

One side effect of this change is that users of C# Express can now load and build the entire NUnit solution. I’m hoping this will gain us a few volunteers.

Jamie Cansdale – of NUnit Addin and TD.Net fame – did the initial implementation of the WiX scripts and I made additional changes and figured out how to use the the NAnt tasks so it could be made part of our standard build.

It’s unfortunate that the WiX tasks for NAnt come without documentation. By reading the source, I was able to construct the commands I listed below, which I’m posting in the hope that they will be of help to somebody.

<candle out="${}/" exedir="${wix.dir}">
    <define name="ProductVersion" value="${package.version}" />
  <sources basedir="${project.install.dir}">
    <nclude name="bin.wxs" />
    <include name="nunit-gui.wxs" />
    <include name="doc.wxs" />
    <include name="tests.wxs" />
    <include name="samples.wxs" />
    <include name="NUnit.wxs" />

<light exedir="${wix.dir}"
    <include name="${}/NUnit.wixobj" />
    <include name="${}/bin.wixobj" />
    <include name="${}/nunit-gui.wixobj" />
    <include name="${}/doc.wixobj" />
    <include name="${}/samples.wixobj" />
    <include name="${}/tests.wixobj" />
    <include name="${wix.dir}/wixui.wixlib" />

You’ll find our WiX scripts in the latest version of the NUnit source on SourceForge.


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 Revisited

In an earlier article I wrote about my concern with They had acquired the domain andwere offering me the right to use it in exchange for a link. I felt uncomfortable about this, particularly after I learned about their dispute over the domain.

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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Running NUnit on Linux

At OSCON, I spoke about NUnit for Cross-Platform development. Here are some screenshots from that talk, showing NUnit running under Mono 1.1.13 on Ubuntu Linux.

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Friday, May 19th, 2006

NUnitLite and the GPL

In my last post, about the NUnit teams plans for trying out the Microsoft CodePlex site, I introduced the NUNitLite project. One thing I mentioned was the possibility of its being released under the GPL license. This seems to have gotten more reaction than anything else in the post. I find that a bit disappointing, because I thought there were some other cool things in it. 🙂

Be that as it may, I’ll try to explain here why my next software project might use GPL and what kind of considerations I’m looking at in making a final choice.

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Saturday, October 29th, 2005

What’s with

The site seems to have acquired, a domain we thought about using but didn’t. Now I’m sorry, since they could use it for pretty much any purpose.

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